I am driven by pure impulse, or perhaps an irresistible need, to translate mysterious inner worlds into frantic lines and bold color. Not for me the linear constraints of a rectangle or a frame. Instead I have crafted shapes, self-contained small planets cut from wooden panels and sanded into submission. 

It is a noisy and joyful fight. My pencils scratch and knives carve into the surface. Then I re-craft the form, scraping parts off and drawing afresh, layering color and new line atop the existing.

Intense past voyages have led me to create riveting human landscapes. Only recently I am moving towards a more purely abstract organic composition.

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, Hungarian roots

1988 graduated from Zurich School of Art and Design (now Zurich University of the Arts) 

1989–1996 several extensive art studies in Tuscany, Zurich, Budapest, Vienna, Montreal

and Laguna Beach. US resident since 1997 

2002–2005 member of Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA

Solo shows in Zürich, Switzerland and Laguna Beach, CA

Group shows in Lugano and Zurich, Switzerland, Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa and Santa Ana, CA